Terms and Conditions


This website, the mobile applications and services, hereafter referred to as the App provided by JOIN Sports B.V. (“JOIN”) are submitted to these terms & conditions.
By downloading or using the App, you agree to these terms & conditions, set up by JOIN. JOIN holds the right to change these terms & conditions at any given moment, without previous notice. The most recent version of the terms & conditions can be read and downloaded at any place of the App.

Continuing using the App, you agree to the terms & conditions.


JOIN attaches high importance to your privacy. Therefore we hold by a few strong values.

JOIN shall not share your personal information with third parties, except when: we need to obey the law, we find it necessary to improve the App and we need to protect our own rights. Furthermore, we only ask for your personal information, when we find it necessary in order to make the App function to its full abilities. JOIN shall protect your personal information to the highest degree of safety and privacy.

JOIN shall only gather your personal information, that you chose to share with us out of your own will, for example, but not limited to, in the registration process.
By downloading and/or using the App, you are aware that JOIN places a cookie on your computer.

In general, cookies assign a unique number to your computer, that outside of JOIN, has no further meaning. JOIN’s cookies contain no information that could personally identify you as a user. JOIN uses these cookies to provide functions such as personalisation and storage of your user-ID. JOIN can also use cookies to provide you with content specifically designed for your interests. Furthermore, after you have entered your user-ID and password, JOIN can safe this information for future sessions, so you won’t have to enter this information every single time.

By not accepting the use of cookies, it could happen that certain functionalities of the App won’t be available for your use. JOIN can use your IP-address to identify you, control the App and locate problems with the server.
JOIN makes use of an Analytics software as a tool, to analyse user behaviour and website statistics.

JOIN shall only share your personal information with third parties when:

JOIN can use, user information and their behaviours that could be merged into valuable information, in order to improve the App or other purposes that we deem to apply.
JOIN uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, to secure all your personal information safely.
If you choose, to no longer be kept informed on JOIN’s news, trics and updates, you can follow the opt-out instructions in our e-mails, or send an e-mail to opt-out, to office@join.cc.
JOIN, shall under no circumstances, share your e-mail address, with third parties, for mailing lists or other promotional activities.

Intellectual Property Rights

The layout, content, design, data and codes of the App, are protected under the Dutch Intellectual Property Right, and other applicable laws of the Dutch state. It is not permitted to download content, or other of the above subjects, and to then use it for redistribution.

To ask permission, for the use of any content of the App or brand rights, you should contact JOIN through Email: office@join.cc


Links could be placed in the App, in order to enhance user friendliness, and provide the user with necessary information. The links can guide you outside of the App. Any content behind this link, or the relevant website, is by no means a form of conscious advertising from JOIN. JOIN is not responsible for any website outside of the App.


JOIN keeps striving to protect your personal information, nevertheless can no information transaction over the web be guaranteed as absolutely safe, nor can JOIN fully guarantee the safety of any information you upload to App. Therefore the uploading of personal information is at your own risk.

Behaviour with other users of the App

The App functions as a platform to connect users on a virtual and physical level. As neutral supplier, JOIN is not directly involved with the actual proceedings between users of the App. Therefore, JOIN has no say in the, truth, legality, accuracy or safety of posts and actions by users of the App. JOIN is not responsible to confirm the identity of users, nor to check and confirm the qualifications, background or skills of the users. At all times, you should make use of your common sense when interacting with other users.

When you choose, to make use of a ‘share’, by uploading any content of the App onto external mobile applications or websites, in order to inform a friend about the App, or to send information about the ride to a friend through any chosen channel, JOIN needs the contact information and/or e-mail address of your friend. JOIN shall send the friend a one time automatic message. JOIN can store the information for a certain period of time, on the one condition, that JOIN only uses this information to confirm that your friend has become a member of JOIN. You declare that you are an authorized party, to provide JOIN with an e-mail address or other form of contact information from another party.

You agree that JOIN is not responsible or liable, for any misconduct, injury or accident, arising from a meeting between users of the App, even though they have met through the App.

Content sent to the App

JOIN does not demand, by any means, ownership of any content you upload to the App. In regards to the content you upload to the app (other than user information), you give JOIN a worldly, eternity, irrevocable, royalty-free and non-exclusive licence, applicable to the content, to use, redistribute, reproduce, adjust and make publicly available in any possible way, for any possible reason, at any possible time and place, for the purpose of promoting the App and the functions and services available in the App.

JOIN does give you the opportunity to decide, to make your uploaded content private. This means, you only make the content visible and available for a select group of people. In addition to that, JOIN shall guarantee the privacy of this content. If you decide at any later moment, to revoke your decision, and make the relevant content publicly available, or in the first case, not privatise at all, then JOIN can't guarantee the privacy of the relevant content.

You agree to not upload any content to the App that is in violation of the law, for example, but not limited to, illegality, racism, malicious threats, vulgar, obscene, offensive, hateful, religiously offensive, breach of privacy or encouraging behaviour that violates the law.


These terms & conditions are constructed and are being overseen by the Dutch law, which has exclusive jurisdiction.

Feedback and questions

JOIN is happy to receive your feedback about the App. We will also strive to answer you questions related to any problems with the App, within 48 hours.

For questions relating to these terms & conditions, functionalities of the App, or any problems with the App, you can contact us at: office@join.cc.