Partners of JOIN Cycling

Every athlete has their own sports experience. You join a club or community for the social character, you participate in a Gran Fondo or Cyclo or you look for the right brand for the materials that help with your training. With JOIN Cycling, we collaborate with partners in various areas to assist you as a user at every level and ambition in the pursuit of your sporting goals. Therefore, in the broad sense of the sporting experience, we choose our partners with whom we set up a close collaboration.

Train with a goal and keep improving yourself! Continue to fit your ambitions into your busy daily life and train specifically within your personal profile and lined up to your own progress. With JOIN Cycling’s dynamic and flexible training plans you will have the right training at any time of the week to reach your goals and improve yourself.

Improve your ride.

Fiets Race & Mountainbike Magazine - JOIN Cycling

Fiets Race & Mountainbike Magazine

Fiets Magazine is the leading magazine within the Dutch cycling market, whether you are a fan of road cycling, mountain biking, or gravel biking. In this monthly publication, you can read everything about developments within the various disciplines of cycling, in terms of materials, training, nutrition, techniques, bike trips & areas, and much more. Every month, a fascinating edition on your doormat!

Hartstichting - JOIN Cycling app

Dutch Heart Foundation

Everyone a healthy heart, for now and later”. That is the mission of the Dutch Heart Foundation. Because with a healthy heart, you get more out of life. Consistent and structured training helps with this, and that is exactly where the Dutch Heart Foundation and JOIN have found each other. Together, they aim to get people moving, set goals, and provide the right guidance to pursue these goals in a responsible manner.

Le Tour des Stations - JOIN Cycling

Le Tour des Stations

Ready to ride Le Tour des Stations, a one-day event or multi-day stage race through an enchanting landscape in the Swiss mountains? In the Valais region, you ride through authentic mountain villages and various international ski resorts. With various distances and variation in altimeters, there is the challenge to suit your ambition and cycling pleasure. JOIN Cycling optimally prepares you for your participation with a targeted training plan!

4iiii Powermeters

4iiii Power meters

Training with a power meter makes your effort even more targeted. At any moment, you can immediately see what the body is delivering in terms of output, without having to wait for the physiological reaction when training by heart rate or depending on other external factors. 4iiii is known for its highly developed power meters. They are fully equipped and specially developed for performance-oriented cyclists and professionals. The power meters are available in a complete set, or you can apply a factory install to your own Shimano cranck.

Amacx Sports Nutrition

At Amacx Sports Nutrition, we are dedicated to enhancing your performance through our passion, expertise, and extensive experience in sports nutrition. We are committed to supporting athletes of all levels – from recreational to elite – in reaching and surpassing their personal goals. Whether you want to overcome obstacles, improve performance, or achieve milestones, regardless of training or competitions, Amacx is here to support you during every pedal stroke and to upgrade Your Limits!

NTFU - JOIN Cycling

NTFU (Dutch Tour Cycling Union)

The NTFU is the sports federation dedicated to the big group of cycling enthusiasts (75,000) who enjoy a cycling challenge, but where competitive cycling is just too far from them. Above all, cycling should be fun. However, research by this Dutch cycling federation showed that there is a need for support in training guidance. With the partnership of NTFU and JOIN Cycling, we provide members with targeted training plans to support their cycling ambitions.

BEAT Cycling Club

You don’t join a cycling club, you become a contract rider with the BEAT Cycling Club. Yes, you read it correctly…. You will be under contract with the first professional cycling club 😉 and also be a teammate of a team of pro riders. How cool is that? In the meantime, you will meet BEAT riders at all kinds of events, from Cyclo to Gran Fondo and even at European Championships, World Championships and Olympic Games.

Vrouwen Wielrennen Amsterdam - JOIN Cycling

VW Amsterdam has a national format, where women can join to train together, ride group rides and meet cycling buddies. The basics are organising training sessions, with the vision of getting better. JOIN Cycling is a partner of the department VW AMS

WV Amsterdam - JOIN Cycling

WV Amsterdam

Racing on Amsterdam Sloten’s well known cycling course. This cycling club is the heart of cycling-minded Amsterdam. They all summer long weekly races for starting riders and races for licence holders where the regional pro’s also regularly take part to improve their form. In cooperation with JOIN Cycling, the board of WV Amsterdam upgrate the cycling experience and help each member to improve  his level.

Le Champion - Join Cycling

Le Champion

Sports event organisation Le Champion gets over 250,000 people moving every year with more than 60 cycling, running and walking events. Some well-known cycling events include the beach race GP Groot Egmond-Pier-Egmond and the Ronde van Noord-Holland. Thanks to the efforts of 3,500 volunteers and with almost 20,000 members, Le Champion is one of the larger sports organisations in the Netherlands.

CycloWorld - Join Cycling


CycloWorld is the specialist in the Gran Fondo & Cyclo calendar and event specifications. Our partnership allows us to offer up-to-date training plans for a wide range of cyclingevents. Ideal if you want to ride a classic like the Amstel Gold Race well prepared or ride an extremely tough stage race like the Tour TransAlp.

Beter Worden Podcast - JOIN Cycling

Beter Worden Podcast

This successful Dutch podcast series is presented in collaboration between JOIN and Live Slow Ride Fast. Each episode has a theme aimed at providing you with tips & tricks to improve on the bike. The specific topics are discussed by the human performance scientist and JOIN founder Jim van den Berg and his ‘partners in crime’ Laurens ten Dam and Stefan Bolt from Live Slow Ride Fast.