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  • €9,99 per month
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  • Flexible training plans
  • eFTP prediction
  • 400+ Workout database
  • Adapts to your availability
  • Garmin, Strava, Zwift integrations
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

How much can I improve using JOIN?

Of course this is a question that depends on a lot of (individual) factors, which makes it pretty impossible to answer. However we can show you the average FTP improvement of our users grouped by hours per week.

Average improvement in FTP in Watts (W).


Traditional coach
JOIN Cycling
Goal selection
Extensive event database
Level and event matching
Adding subgoals
Progress tracking
Progress prediction based on availability
Incomprehensible graphs
Easy to understand JOIN level
Track eFTP
FTP changes detection
Based on individual heart rate and/or power
Extensive database with 400+ workouts
Improve workout execution with workout grades
(Indoor) workout player
Instant adaptation to changes in availability
Shuffle workouts
Instant adaptation to other or skipped workouts
Less than the price of an inner tube

Loved by cyclists

We could tell you more but we rather leave it to our customers. Check out our reviews & ratings.

Over 2000 users have left a positive review in the App Store and Play Store. These reviews and ratings can help you find out what JOIN can do for you.

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Integrated. Connected. Shared.

Want to share your ride or export your workout? No worries. We got the ultimate export and import tools that cover Garmin, Strava, Trainingpeaks, Wahoo or Zwift.

Join Cycling - Connected with Strava - Garmin - Wahoo - Zwift

Frequently asked questions

  • How does the 30-day-money back guarantee works?
    If you purchase your first subscription through the website and are not satisfied, you will receive a full refund within the first 30 days. It doesn't matter whether you have purchased a monthly or annual subscription. Just send an email to support@join.cc and we will refund the amount paid immediately. A subscription purchased through the App or Play Store has a 14-day trial period and unfortunately we cannot refund it this way. For this you are bound by the conditions set by Apple and Google.
  • Is there a different method to pay the JOIN subscription?
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
  • Can I upgrade to a year subscription after buying a month subscription?