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Getting better on the bike, that’s what it’s all about. In this Beter Worden (“Improve”) Podcast we give you loads of tips, tricks and shortcuts for cyclists at every level to boost your training progress.

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Beter Worden Podcast - Beter worden met JOIN - JOIN Cycling

Episode 31

JOIN Cycling app

Beter Worden Podcast - Training Gray - JOIN Cycling

Episode 27

Training Gray

Beter Worden Podcast - JOIN Cycling

Episode 1


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For now this series of podcasts are in Dutch only. They are presented in cooperation with and Live Slow Ride Fast. Each episode discusses a particular element of cycling training with Jim van den Berg, a sports scientist and founder of the cycling training app and his partners in crime, former pro-cyclist Laurens ten Dam and Stefan Bolt, both from the Live Slow Ride Fast cycling lifestyle company.

Beter Worden #57 - JOIN Cycling

Episode 57

No motivation. Everyone has to deal with it from time to time, especially at this time of year. The question is after how much time your fitness deteriorates and what happens to your body during such a period of decompression. What should you do to keep your fitnesslevel on point?

Beter Worden Podcast #56 - JOIN Cycling

Episode 56

In this Beter Worden Podcast episode, Jim, Laurens and Stefan discuss a specific part of cycling: the time trial. Fortunately, they call Jim ‘The oracle of Spakenburg’ for a reason. As he was involved in two world hour record attempts (Thomas Dekker & Dion Beukeboom). With Jim, we are dealing with a true time trial specialist, without him being on a bike himself.

Beter Worden Podcast #55 - JOIN Cycling

Episode 55

Do you ride your bike safely? That’s the question of this week’s Beter Worden Podcast. Unfortunately, this question has to be asked. Indeed, the number of fatal accidents involving cyclists has risen over the past decades. Luckily for you, Jim, Laurens and Stefan cover all aspects of being safe on your bike, so that you get safe at home after your training session.

Beter Worden Podcast #54 - JOIN Cycling

Episode 54

Between a pro and an amateur, a few things are similar in life: you are born, you die and in between you have to shift gears on your bike. The last topic is what this week’s Beter Worden Podcast is all about. Shifting!

Beter Worden Podcast #53 -

Episode 53

‘Feel like cycling, don’t feel like cycling. Forcing yourself anyway.’ You know these words by now if you have listened the podcast. To put words into action, this week’s Beter Worden Podcast is about how to force yourself back on that bike when you don’t really feel like it.

Beter Worden Podcast #52 - JOIN Cycling

Episode 52

A well-known question from everyone who trains with training plans from JOIN and/or other plans, namely: how do I align my route with my workouts? Laurens knows from his experience: it’s hard to combine structured training with adventures riding. Jim explains in detail what you need to take into account.

Beter Worden Podcast #51 - JOIN Cycling

Episode 51

Make sure you have pen and paper within reach this week when listening/watching this episode. You will get a mini lecture from Jim van den Berg. He has noticed that everyone goes hard on ‘numbers’ after cycling these days. However, the question is: ‘What should you do with this data?

Beter Worden Podcast #50 - JOIN Cycling

Episode 50

This anniversary edition is about one of Laurens’ favorite topics: ultra races. It may not be a topic that is relevant to everyone, but we have found that there is certainly some interest and questions among you about these hellish rides.

Beter Worden Podcast #49 - JOIN Cycling

Episode 49

Which is better? Do you still do that one workout when you don’t actually feel so good, so  that your fitness level doesn’t go down. Or is it better to take a rest and then go back to full training? Fortunately for us, Jim has an answer.

Beter Worden Podcast 48 - JOIN Cycling

Episode 48

We can say that autumn has really started now. Therefore, on a slippery road, there is nothing more important than having the best possible tires. So this week on the Beter Worden podcast, the three gentlemen are going to talk about round vulcanized rubber.

Beter Worden Podcast - JOIN Cycling

Episode 47

This week the three men in the Beter Worden Podcast are going to talk about ‘Living like a pro‘. Is that for everyone the same and what exactly does that mean? Do you have to consistently live like a monk for a decade or can it also be three months before your goal?

Beter Worden Podcast - JOIN Cycling

Episode 46

You feel like you’re doing enough training hours, but you notice that you’re simply not getting any better. What do you do now? Over the next 50 minutes, Jim will explain exactly how to first make sure you never get into this situation, and if you do, how to climb out of it.

Beter Worden Podcast - JOIN Cycling

Episode 45

The mailbox and social channels of Live Slow Ride Fast, the Beter Worden Podcast & JOIN Cycling were full of specific questions from the listeners in response to the past episodes. In this episode, Jim, Laurens and Stefan answer the most frequently asked questions.

Episode 44

The mailbox and social channels of Live Slow Ride Fast, the Beter Worden Podcast & JOIN Cycling were full of specific questions from the listeners in response to the past episodes. In this episode, Jim, Laurens and Stefan answer the most frequently asked questions.

Beter Worden Podcast - Aerobic Decoupling - JOIN Cycling app

Episode 43

This week it’s important to keep your attention, because we’re going to talk about aerobic decoupling and Heart Rate drift. Right, two terms you probably had never heard of. Of course, the professor is going to explain why we are going to talk about aerobic decoupling in the next 40 minutes.

Beter Worden Podcast - Fatigue Resistance - JOIN Cycling app

Episode 42

To get straight to the point: power profile is hereby declared bankrupt. It is not a suitable prediction of how good a rider is. Are you still pedaling your maximum 1-minute value after 4 hours of cycling? After all, that’s what it’s all about. That’s why this week we’re introducing “Fatique resistance”.

Beter Worden Podcast - Descending - JOIN Cycling

Episode 41

So what’s the reason why so many amateurs get into trouble while descending?Therefore, Jim will explain in the next hour how you as an amateur can descend better, Laurens will tell how he learned to descend as a professional and Stefan will share a few anecdotes about amateurs.

Beter Worden - Low Carb Training - JOIN Cycling

Episode 40

This week, the three gentlemen talk about low carb training in the Beter Worden podcast. Jim explains what the most common mistake is the amateur makes and what low carb is all about.Of course, the most important question is also answered, namely: is low carb training a shortcut!?

Beter Worden Podcast - Sprinting Better  - JOIN Cycling app

Episode 39

This week the guys are back and talk about Sprinting Laurens’ specialty. Because according to Jims observation when riding with amateurs. They can’t sprint at all! And that is a real shame, because every rider benefits from it.

Beter Worden Podcast - Checking in in the morning - JOIN Cycling

Episode 38

An essential part of training is listening carefully to the body. You are asking a lot from your body during the trainingsessions. This week they are talking about checking in with yourself in the moning, in the Beter Worden Podcast. But what is checking in with yourself? Jim will explain it to you.

Beter Worden Podcast -Aerodynamics - JOIN Cycling

Episode 37

Free speed, from amateur to professional, makes everyone happy. But in which part can you make the difference and where are the most mistakes often made. The three gentlemen discuss Aerodynamics, cycling harder without having to train. 😉

Beter Worden Podcast - Core Stability - JOIN Cycling

Episode 36

You don’t just cycle with your legs. Overall core stability helps you to use your power more efficiently. In this podcast the item Core Stability is discussed and how you can still make a profit in a convenient way and with little loss of time.

Beter Worden Podcast - Setting Goals - Join Cycling app

Episode 35

Do you already set a goal to train for? But what is a good goal and how do you train towards it? Laurens takes you into the objective of pros and Jim explains what it means to you.

Beter Worden Podcast - Sleep - Join Cycling app

Episode 34

Books have been written about riders who cannot sleep the day before the race, but how important is sleep for optimal performance? That’s what it’s about this week in the Beter Worden Podcast.

Beter Worden Podcast - Saving Energy - Join Cycling

Episode 33

What if your friends have a higher JOIN level and you want to compete them? Right, be smart & save energy. The next episode it will all be about practical Tricks & Cleverness.

Beter Worden Podcast - Commuting - JOIN Cycling

Episode 32

One of the most frequently asked questions to JOIN Support: how do I include commuting rides into my training plan? Jim analyzes if those rides help you improve and how you can best organize them.

Beter Worden Podcast - Beter worden met JOIN - JOIN Cycling

Episode 31

This episode of the “Beter Worden” Podcast is all about the JOIN Cycling app. Jim explains in step-by-step fashion how to fill out your athletic profile in JOIN to get the best results from the app. He also reveals some updates that are in the pipeline.

Beter Worden Podcast - Cycling in the Heat - JOIN Cycling

Episode 30

The impact of heat while cycling is underestimated quite often. To prevent you from overheating, with its drastic impact on your performance, Jim explains what causes overheating, how to prevent it and how you can best acclimatize to the heat.

Beter Worden Podcast - Pedal Stroke Technique - JOIN Cycling

Episode 29

This week it’s all about pedaling technique, because do you know the difference between pedaling frequency and pedaling efficiency? What is the average listener’s most common mistake and why is a good pedaling technique important?

Beter Worden Podcast - Training at altitube - JOIN Cycling

Episode 28

This week we cover altitude training. Laurens, with twelve years of professional cycling experience and Jim, with his scientific background, differ on what an ideal altitude training camp should look like. Good thing that Stefan was there to mediate….

Beter Worden Podcast - Training Gray - JOIN Cycling

Episode 27

Why is polarized training the most efficient and effective type of training? Jim explains most amateurs’ most common mistakes and Laurens gives his opinions in an almost Cruijff-ian fashion.

Beter Worden Podcast - Climbing Better - JOIN Cycling

Episode 26

Jim explains why a strong core helps when climbing and what good climbing workouts are. Laurens discusses why Tom Dumoulin is a good climber and also compares Contador and Indurain.

Beter Worden Podcast - Training Load - JOIN Cycling

Episode 25

Grab a pen and paper, because in this week’s “Improve” podcast we dive into the complex matter of training load. All formulas will be explained by Jim, so that you can calculate yourself how hard your training session was.

Beter Woden Podcast - Supplements - JOIN Cycling

Episode 24

Looking for a shortcut? In this episode of the “Beter Worden” Podcast, Jim explains which supplements have scientifically been found effective and Laurens tells about his experiences with certain pills and juices.

Beter Worden Podcast - Listeners Questions - JOIN Cycling

Episode 23

The mailbox and social channels of JOIN Cycling were full of specific questions from the listeners in response to the past episodes. In this episode, Jim, Laurens and Stefan answer the most frequently asked questions.

Beter Worden Podcast - Cycling position - JOIN Cycling

Episode 22

A good bike fit is crucial to achieve the best training results. In the next hour, the men will dive into the complex matter of what a good bike fitting does and how this can prevent or solve physical problems and improve performance.

Beter Worden Podcast - Getting Older - JOIN Cycling

Episode 21

Can you still improve as a cyclist when you get older? Jim explains what you should pay attention to in terms of lifestyle, but also in what area there is still plenty of room to improve after your thirties.

Beter Worden Podcast - The warm-up - JOIN Cycling

Episode 20

Do you need a proper warming-up before a training session or a race? And do you know whether different rules apply to an anaerobic or an aerobic cyclist? Jim explains the benefits of warming up.

Beter Worden Podcast - Suffering - JOIN Cycling

Episode 19

Can a cyclist, amateur or professional, hurt himself more than other athletes? It is precisely the suffering of the riders during the Tour de France that makes the sport so heroic. How can you convert the pain into performance?

Beter Worden Podcast - Speed - JOIN Cycling

Episode 18

How important or unimportant is speed as a measure of your training progress? You can train much more efficiently and effectively once you stop using it as an indicator. Jim, Laurens and Stefan explain it to you with various examples.

Beter Worden Podcast - Indoor training - JOIN Cycling app

Episode 17

Does indoor training help you to train effectively and efficiently during the winter period, on rainy days, or at any other time? Jim explains the pitfalls of cycling indoors and tries to save you from a ‘spiral of death’.

Beter Worden Podcast - Cycling when it's cold - JOIN Cycling

Episode 16

Cycling in the cold has a completely different impact on the body than a balmy summer ride. How can you be well prepared and how can you still achieve optimal training effects? And how can you take advantage of the discussed shortcuts?

Beter Worden Podcast - Strenght training - JOIN Cycling

Episode 15

“You can’t fire a cannon from a canoe”. How can strength training make you a better cyclist? In this episode we address why strength training is important and what different types of strength training there are.

Beter Worden Podcast - Losing Weight - JOIN Cycling

Episode 14

Weight is a hot topic in the cycling world. There are a lot of things you have to pay attention to when you want to lose weight in the right way. Just to spill a few beans: just cycling at a low intensity is not the best way to burn fat…

Beter Worden Podcast - Establishing a Foundation - JOIN Cycling

Episode 13

How do you efficiently build your base fitness in the winter period? Do you opt for long endurance training sessions at low intensity, or do you go for short, high intensity sessions?

Beter Worden Podcast - Cramp - JOIN Cycling

Episode 12

This time we are going to talk for more than half an hour about that extremely painful phenomenon that some riders suffer from: cramps. What are the top-3 causes and what you can do to prevent them?

Beter Worden Podacst - Questions - JOIN Cycling

Episode 11

The mailbox and social channels of JOIN Cycling were full with specific questions from the listeners in response to the past episodes. In this episode, Jim, Laurens and Stefan answer the most frequently asked questions.

Beter Worden POdcast - Turn Pro? - JOIN Cycling

Episode 10

One of the most common questions for many amateur cyclists at every level is: have I got what it takes to become a pro cyclist? Jim is talking with Laurens en Stefan about talent, training and everything else that is needed to make it to the pro ranks.

Beter Worden Podcast - Nutrition - JOIN Cycling

Episode 9

How much carbohydrates do you need to consume during cycling? The most common mistake, at every level, is: not eating enough! How much should you eat? And what? And when? Let’s start at the beginning, but where is that beginning? Jim helps you out!

Beter Worden Podcast - Last week of training - JOIN Cycling

Episode 8

7 days left until your goal… and now? What should you still do in terms of training, eating, mental preparation and other practical matters? Jim tells Stefan and Laurens what to do in that final week before your big event.

Beter Worden Podcast - Creating a Plan - JOIN Cycling

Episode 7

Jim shares the do’s and don’ts of training schedules. Spoiler alert: set a goal, don’t plan too far ahead and be flexible! Over the next 45 minutes, Jim tells Stefan and Laurens all about training schedules.

Beter Worden Podcast - Intervals - Join Cycling

Episode 6

Intervals: the key to getting better💥 Following episode 5, Jim fills another 45 minutes explaining to Laurens and Stefan why intervals are the key to improving your fitness level. Not only in cycling, but in all endurance sports.

Beter Worden Podcast - FTP & Testing - JOIN Cycling

Episode 5

If you want to improve, there’s no escaping it: testing. Jim takes Laurens and Stefan into the world of FTP and testing. What is the best way to test yourself to keep tabs on your progress?

Beter Worden Podcast - Polrized Training - Join Cycling

Episode 4

This is perhaps the episode that triggered the biggest controversy: Polarized Training. Numerous questions came in via e-mail, Insta and YouTube. Listen to it for yourself!

Beter Worden Podcast - Heartrate - Power - Join Cycling

Episode 3

This article gives you some practical tips about power meters. Do you need a dual-sided one or is a left-only meter sufficient? In this podcast we explain why training with a power meter is much more effective than with a heart rate monitor.

Beter Worden Podcast - Recovery - Join Cycling

Episode 2

This week’s episode #2 is all about recovery. We received a lot of questions about the importance of active recovery. Check out our podcast learn more about the why and how of recovery rides.

Beter Worden Podcast - JOIN Cycling

Episode 1

Consistency: we kick off with the reason why continuing to train year round is so important. It sounds so simple: ‘Just keep cycling’. But unfortunately, Jim often sees amateur cyclists that let their bikes collect dust for three months in the off-season. Why is that so bad?

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