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Whether it’s your first ever training schedule or you’ve already completed several training schedules, choosing your new training plan is not that easy. Because whether you’re training for a specific goal, such as the Maratona dles Dolomites or La Marmotte, or if you just want to get fit, which training plan is right for you? To help you on your way we’ve created this selector tool. By simply answering the questions you’ll automatically end up with the training plan that fits you best.

JOIN Cycling Training Plan

JOIN creates your personal, flexible and smart training plan, designed by Dutch, World Tour-level cycling coaches. Select a cycling event from our extensive database or choose your own training goal. JOIN will propose the best possible training plan for you, taking into account your level, goal and availability, to reach your goal while clearly and continuously showing you your progress.

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Choose this goal in the app

In the JOIN app you can select the outcome of this selector in the list of Essentials. If you start training for an Granfondo, Cyclo or other event you can check if your event is already in our database or you can create it yourself based on the date, kilometers and altitude meters.

Goal Selector Training Plan - JOIN Cycling

Beter Worden Podcast

Are you still clueless about what goal to choose? Then listen or watch episode 35 of the Beter Worden Podcast about goal setting. Do you already have a goal to train towards? But what is a proper goal and how do you train for that? This time Laurens will explain you everything, true the eye’s of a former pro and Jim explais it what it means to you. An episode full of tips, tricks and shortcuts, suitable to increase the level of cyclists of all level.