Fabio Jakobsen Sprint Plan

Every year the best sprinters in the Tour de France are at the start to show off their talent. The final stage of the Tour on the Champs-Élysées is also known as the World Championship for sprinters. Besides watching how the best sprinters are doing it this year, you can now learn the tricks from Fabio Jakobsen, the best sprinter in the world.

A sprint plan with access to the ‘members-only’ podcast and videos in which Fabio explains the training in great detail.

Together with Fabio Jakobsen, JOIN is launching a training plan especially for amateur cyclists that would like to learn how to sprint. Every week a unique sprint workout is planned, which are designed by Fabio himself. This workout includes a video and podcast in which Jim & Fabio discuss the specific details. After watching the video with tips & tricks by Fabio himself you are ready to nail the workout.

Fabio Jakobsen Sprint Plan - JOIN Cycling

Photo credits: Wout Beel / Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl

How to start the Fabio Jakobsen Sprint Plan

Fabio Jakobsen’s Sprint Plan is available in the JOIN Cycling app. As soon as you have downloaded the app and selected the Fabio Jakobsen Sprint Plan as your training target, you will automatically receive the weekly mailing. This email contains Fabio’s podcast/YouTube with his personal tips and tricks.

Fabio Jakobsen Sprint Plan:

        • Download the JOIN Cycling app in the App Store or Play Store
        • Create an account based on your emailadress
        • Complete your profile with your athletic data
        • Connect the JOIN app to Strava, Garmin Connect and/or TrainingPeaks
        • Start the 14 days Free Trial
        • Select the Fabio Jakobsen Sprint PLan
        • Enjoy!

Train with Fabio as your personal coach

Fabio Jakobsen’s workouts vary during preseason and racing season to prepare as best as possible for the sprints of one-day races, multi-day stage races and grand tours. With the Fabio Jakobsen Sprint Plan, Fabio will give you an insight into his different workouts as your personal coach. Which workout really makes him happy when it shows up in his training plan? In addition, each workout has its unique goal. What should you pay attention to when you start the workout and how do you determine whether you have performed the workout correctly? Just as important is how you deal with safety in traffic during the workout. In this way, the Fabio Jakobsen Sprint Plan provides a unique insight into the workouts of a cycling pro.

Structure of the sprint plan

In this JOIN training plan, you will find a balanced training structure with the goal of Getting Better. From start to finish the Fabio Jakobsen Training Plan is built on this philosophy. Everything is set towards transforming you from wheelsucker to a successful sprint bomb. Besides the unique sprint workouts, your regular training sessions will be scheduled according to your weekly availability. If you have set your availability for one or multiple days a week, the Fabio sprint workout will always be scheduled. With the collaboration between JOIN Cycling and Fabio Jakobsen, we let amateur cyclists experience what it is like to complete the specific training sessions of a pro on world tour level. After completing this training plan, you will be ready to compete with your cycling friends in the final of Sunday’s club ride.

Sprint workout – Team Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl

Only one can win the sprint, but behind individual success usually a team effort takes the necessary training hours. The individual class must be used in the right way within the team to achieve a perfect lead-out for Fabio at training camp during preseason 2022. Team Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl gives an insight into a training day of the riders who are involved in the sprint train.

Beter Worden Podcast – Better sprinting

Sprinting remains a hot topic for cyclists on every level. That’s why it is one of the most asked topics for the Beter Worden Podcast. In this podcast, Laurens is speaking as an ex-pro rider without sprinting qualities, Jim who provides insight from a scientific angle, and Stefan as an amateur rider who is trying to figure out the game of sprinting for amateurs.

JOIN Cycling Training Plan

JOIN creates your flexible and smart training plan, designed by Dutch cycling coaches at World Tour level. Select a cycling event from our extensive database or choose your own training goal. JOIN Cycling will set you up with the best possible training plan, based on your athletic profile and availability, to reach your goal and track your progress clearly.

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