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JOIN is the #1 cycling training app

JOIN provides smart and flexible training schedules that adapt to your busy life, training goals, availability and training history. JOIN takes into account if you skip a training session, do a group ride or train some extra, we will adapt to you!

What is JOIN about?

How to activate this promotion

1. Download the JOIN Cycling app to your phone in the App Store or Play Store
2. Open the app and sign in, WITHOUT selecting a subscription
3. Return to this page, and click the Start now! button (on mobile) or Scan QR (on desktop)
4. Start your onboarding and begin your first workout with JOIN

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Loved by cyclists

We could tell you more but we rather leave it to our customers. Check out our reviews & ratings.

Over 2000 users have left a positive review in the App Store and Play Store. These reviews and ratings can help you find out what JOIN can do for you.

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How do I get this promotion to work on my mobile phone? ▼

In some cases, customers who open the promotion on a mobile device run into issues. Often this is due to browser settings. We suggest the following:

  1. Download. Get the JOIN Cycling app, in the App Store or Play Store
  2. Log in. Open the app and sign in, WITHOUT subscribing
  3. Add promotion to checkout. Click ‘Start now’ above or click here
  4. Click the ‘Login button’ or scan the QR-code to re-open the JOIN-app
  5. Return to browser. When the payment detail page isn’t triggered automatically, please return to your browser where it will be shown.
  6. Checkout. After your payment you are all set to go. Good luck with JOIN!

When you experience problems under step 4., i.e. the Login button doesn’t work, best get on your desktop or laptop.

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  • This promotion can be activated once per account
  • The promotion cannot be applied to a current & running subscription
  • The free trial period ends directly after 30 days
  • 7 days prior to your trial end date you’ll be notified through email and you’ll receive an offer to keep training with JOIN
  • If this promotion is not activated for you and you think this promotion does apply to you, please contact us –

Give it a go and start improving!

We offer you a flexible and adaptive training plan designed by Dutch World Tour level cycling coaches. Select a cycling event from our extensive database or create your own cycling goal. JOIN suggests you the best possible workouts to reach your goal and will show you your progress.

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