Calculate your own FTP


How precise is this test?

The outcome of these calculations are as accurate as the input. The physics behind this equation is 100% exact, but to come to an outcome we have to make some assumptions. The biggest resistance on the flat is the air resistance. For that it is important to know the frontal surface and how easy the air detaches from the cyclist and the bike. It makes therefore a difference if you sit up straight or in a time trial position or if you wear a normal helmet or a time trial helmet. This value is expressed as CdA (drag coefficient times frontal area) and can only be truly measured in a wind tinnel. With this calculation we estimate this CdA value based on length, weight, type of bike and position. Especially in these estimations there can be quite a differences and the higher the speed the bigger the possible error. Besides that, we make certain assumptions for the rolling resistances and even the air density based on the temperature. Therefore use this calculator as a rough estimation of your FTP. If you really want to take this to the next level then buy a power meter and do an exercise test in a performance lab.

How to get better?

Getting better is all about timing. There are actually not good or bad workouts. There is only a bad combination or the wrong workout on the wrong time. The path of progression is therefore a training plan with the right training stimulus according to your level, goal and available time. To help you with that we developed an algorithm in the JOIN Cycling application. It provides you with a highly flexible training plan to makes sure you get the most out of your rides. You can download JOIN in the App Store and Play store. Or check this page for more info.

To familiarize yourself with the concepts of FTP we recommend to read this article first.