Cyclist Magazine Podcast Deal

For listeners of the Cyclist Magazine Podcast we have a special offer: At a month-to-month worth of £8.49 GBP you now only pay £33.96 for 6 months. Start adaptive training with JOIN today.

Frequently asked question

How do I get this promotion to work on my mobile phone?

In some cases, customers who open the promotion on a mobile device run into issues. Often this is due to browser settings. We suggest the following:

  1. Download. Get the JOIN Cycling app, in the App Store or Play Store
  2. Log in. Open the app and sign in, WITHOUT subscribing
  3. Add promotion to checkout. Either click ‘Start now’ above, or click here
  4. Click the ‘Login button’ or scan the QR-code to re-open the JOIN-app
  5. Return to browser. When the payment detail page isn’t triggered automatically, please return to your browser where it will be shown.
  6. Checkout. After your payment you are all set to go. Good luck with JOIN! 

When you experience problems under step 4., i.e. the Login button doesn’t work, best get on your desktop or laptop.

A few conditions apply

  • This promotion can be activated once per account
  • The promotion cannot be applied to a current & running subscription
  • Did you use another JOIN promotion the last 12 months? Then this offer cannot be activated.
  • Benefit from auto-renewal. Once your subscription expires, it renews on a 6-month subscription at 44.99 GBP. So you will continue to benefit (you pay 7.79 GBP instead of 8.49 GBP per month).
  • If this promotion is not activated for you or you have a question, please contact us –