Ready, Set, Ride: 10 Tips for Being Bike-Ready in 10 Minutes

Strava Tips

Preparing for a cycling session shouldn’t feel like a chore. At JOIN, we understand the importance of minimizing barriers to getting on your bike. We provide you with the plan and by removing any barriers you make it easy for yourself to jump on your bike. From post-ride maintenance to strategic gear placement, we’ve curated a list of 10 simple yet effective tips to get you on your bike quicker.

Post-Ride TLC: Instead of scrubbing your bike before a workout, save the cleaning for afterward. A quick wipe down and some maintenance post-ride keeps your bike in top shape without eating into your precious cycling time.

Keep It Charged: After your ride, recharge your bike computer and other electronic gadgets. Store them alongside your other gear like helmet, shoes and goggles (see tip 5), ensuring everything is ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Gear Maintenance: If you’ve used any spare equipment during your ride i.e. to fix a puncture, replenish your supplies afterward. Restock your saddlebag and ensure everything is back in place with your bike.

Upgrade Strategy: Reserve new gear installations or adjustments for days when you’re not riding. Avoid last-minute tweaks before a workout to maintain your cycling mojo. Quickly installing cleats before your workout, changing a tire or performing a firmware update is a recipe for sucking all the joie de vivre out of you.

Prep Essentials: Keep your cycling essentials—shoes, helmet, sunglasses, headphones and more—close to your bike for easy access. A designated spot for gear ensures you’re always ready to roll. It is stored in the shed? Make sure to keep your slippers ready.

Night Before Prep: For early rides, prepare your water bottles and check the weather forecast the night before. Preparing your clothes and your sports nutrition upfronts will allow you a smooth, not-having-to-think morning.

Organized Wardrobe: No need to go full Marie Kondo however make sure to simplify your life by organizing your cycling wardrobe. Group similar items together like pants by pants and socks by socks, for easy access, saving time and reducing stress for you and your family. Especially in the winter months, when you have the same set of clothes it is important to know where they are at.

Tire Pressure: You don’t need to inflate your tires before every ride. Especially with inner tubes, you can easily ride for a week without re-inflating them. Opt for slightly lower pressure for a smoother, more comfortable ride.

Bathroom First: First bathroom visit, then putting on clothes. You want to avoid double work as much as possible. This is a simple step to remember that will save you valuable time and hassle later on.

Embrace Imperfection: Don’t let minor hiccups derail your ride. If you forget something non-essential, like earphones or a bike computer, don’t sweat it. Focus on enjoying the ride, and remember, it’s not always about the stats on Strava (even though we may feel that way).

Ready, Set, Ride! By implementing these strategies or tweaking them to make them your, you’ll spend less time fussing over preparations and more time enjoying your time on the bike. Simple adjustments can make a world of difference in your riding experience. If you have any more tips, share them with us (and your cycling buddies).