Introducing: JOIN’s Activity Classification!

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We’ve all been there: during your workout you know, you feel that you deviate from what’s suggested. No worries, JOIN’s Activity Classification will notify you when we detect a different type of workout.

What’s It All About?

JOIN shows you when we have detected a different Workout Type than we expected for the suggested workout. Let us explain: If the main goal of the workout was to work on your threshold, we expect the Workout Type ‘Threshold’. However, if we notice that the session was more ‘Tempo’ than ‘Threshold’, we will let you know through this feature! We classify the following Workout Types: Endurance, Tempo, Threshold, VO2max and Strength. Additionally, we show you the Workout Type for a ride you did that wasn’t part of the plan. When you added feedback for other activities, you can now see what type of workout we think you did!

Two examples
1️⃣ You did a long group ride with friends. JOIN may detect an Endurance workout and suggest you to include it in your training schedule.
2️⃣ You did a JOIN Threshold workout. However, we notice that the session was more ‘Tempo’ than ‘Threshold.’ We will let you know through this feature!


How Does It Help?

When you have completed a workout with a different Workout Type than was suggested, this may impact your training plan. Activity Classification therefore explains why, for example, tomorrow’s workout changes based on how you executed today’s workout. Of course, JOIN will always adapt to what you do. Next to that, you can see the Workout Type for rides separate of the plan. This way you will better understand how these activities fit in your training plan and how they contribute to your progress.


Where Can You Find It?

When you have submitted feedback on your suggested workout or when you have added additional workouts to JOIN, you can find the Activity Classification as part of the Workout Summary card:

We Want Your Thoughts!

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Try out Activity Classification and let us know what you think. Your feedback helps us make JOIN Cycling even better for you and your fellow riders!

Get ready to ride smarter with JOIN Cycling’s Activity Classification.

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