Thé beachrace, GP Groot Egmond-Pier-Egmond

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JOIN Cycling is co-sponsor of the GP Groot Egmond-Pier-Egmond, the beach race of the year to be held January 7. You’ll ride 38 kilometers over the beach, through the dunes, over challenging obstacles and short & steep climbs. The conditions are always challenging, as it may be windy, freezing, snowing or take place during a winter sun. One thing is for sure: this beach race is the most epic race you will ride!

Beachracing is a discipline that is only practised in winter and is a good way for mountainbikers and road cyclists to have competitive incentives even in the cold months. The tyres on the beach bike have less tread than a mountain bike tyre, in order to ride on beach as hard as possible. After all, that’s where 90% of the racing takes place. The rest often consists of technical aspects like stair climbing or other challenging obstacles.

The fastest climber during a beachrace?

Are you an explosive puncher? Then you have the chance to show yourself during the GP Groot Egmond-Pier-Egmond beachrace in Wijk aan Zee. You will face a 500-meter climb, with a maximum gradient of 8%. The short but steep climb makes the difference in the race and can be compared to the famous Cauberg in terms of gradient. The fastest climbers in the race and among the cyclosportives will win a hotel package from Strandhotel Het Hoge Duin. Who knows, you might surprise one of the (former) pros in this climbing classification.

On the way back to the finish after 27 km there is a spectacular exit from the beach at Castricum aan Zee. Those who are not in the leading group on their return to the beach towards Castricum aan Zee, or have ridden too much in the red on the climb, can put the distinctive trophy out of their minds. The loose sand at the beach entrance, the steep climb, the steps to descend and the obstacles in the descent back to the beach make this perhaps the most spectacular part of the GP Groot Egmond-Pier-Egmond.

On the podium after a beachrace

Sebastian Langeveld, Timothy Dupont, Lars Boom and Ivar Slik. Just a few of the riders who have been on the podium (several times) during the GP Groot Egmond-Pier-Egmond beachrace. How cool that you can be at the start on the same day as the 9fromer) pro’s. The final ceremony will be held once everyone has crossed the finish line, in Sporthal de Watertoren.

You can take part in this wonderful Le Champion event individually or as a business team participant. Get together with colleagues and/or friends in training and experience the adventure together. Each participant will be able to celebrate the achievement in the Sporthal de Watertoren afterwards. As a business participant, you will have extra benefits and access to the business tent.

Everything is taken care of: tight organisation, closed course, a well-deserved medal and opportunities to hose down your bike. Will you take on the epic challenge?


Pieter Vroom
Pieter Vroom
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