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CycloWorld was founded in 2010 from a topic on a cycling forum. It all started with a simple list of a handful of cyclos for the road bike in Europe. This list was the basis for the Cyclokalender website, which was transformed into in 2020.

In 12 years, the site has grown into an international platform with over 3600 cycling events in more than 100 countries. In 2022, over half a million unique visitors found us.

Complete offering of cyclos, marathons and more

If you cannot find a gran fondo on CycloWorld, it simply doesn’t exist.

The offering is no longer limited to cyclos for the road bike. You can also find MTB marathons, stage races, touring rides, charity rides, and multi-day rides. For the road bike, gravel bike, beach bike and the MTB. CycloWorld is by far the largest search engine for cycling events in the world.

The team behind CycloWorld consists of three men, supplemented by over twenty enthusiastic volunteers who ensure that all data remains current and also help with content.

Collaborations with the biggest cycling events

CycloWorld works with almost all of the major organizers of the most well-known cycling events. These include popular events such as the Sportful Dolomiti Race, Haute Route, TOUR Transalp, Tour des Stations, Giro Sardegna, and even the UCI. Through these collaborations, you always have access to data on your new goal via the calendar.

More to explore

But that’s not all. CycloWorld is a complete cycling platform, focused on the enthusiastic amateur cyclist. You can also find discounts, raffles, travel stories, cycling regions, news, and product reviews. Under the name CycloWorld Travel Series, we also offer cycling holidays to events.

There is a large international community of enthusiastic users who also actively help maintain the calendar. They are the fans who ask questions, suggest topics, and offer help.


CycloWorld de Podcast

CycloWorld de Podcast (dutch only)

In 2019, we started our own CycloWorld de Podcast. It’s not just another cycling podcast, as it focuses exclusively on cycling events and not, for example, professional cycling. Regularly, well-known guests join us to take various subjects of experience from different angles as inspiration. For example, JOIN founder Jim van den Berg is a guest in episode #36, with the subject: Building up training for the new season.

Why the collaboration between JOIN & CycloWorld?

Cycling enthusiasts don’t just ride around in circles: their goal is to get a little better every ride. Riding a cyclo or a long touring ride doesn’t just happen by itself. And that’s exactly where JOIN and CycloWorld found each other. Both platforms are aimed at fanatical cycling tourists who want to get the best out of themselves and discover the world by bike.

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