Optimize Your Cycling Experience: Readiness Feature

Cycling Tips

Embark on a smarter cycling journey with JOIN Cycling’s latest innovation – the Readiness feature. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to personalized guidance right at your fingertips. Ready to explore how this feature can elevate your rides? Let’s dive in.

What is Readiness all about?

Ever found yourself waking up and wondering, “Can I handle a ride today?” The Readiness feature has you covered. It assesses two vital indicators: soreness and recovery level.

  1. Soreness: How much your muscles ache.
  2. Recovery Level: How refreshed you feel.

You can consider the Readiness your body’s trusted companion. By tapping into these metrics, it empowers you to gauge your body’s readiness for action. If your muscles are signaling fatigue, the feature pays attention. It gives you the green light if you’re good to go or a gentle reminder to take it easy if needed. The power is in your hands – adjust it based on how your body feels.

Fine-Tuning Your Training Routine

Your training routine just got a whole lot smarter. With the Readiness feature, you’ll notice subtle adjustments based on your body’s feedback. Feeling rejuvenated? Conquer that challenging hill with confidence. Need a breather? No worries – take a rest day and return stronger tomorrow. It’s all about optimizing your cycling journey to align with your body’s needs and aspirations.

Enhancing Insights with Wearables

While the Readiness feature leverages your activity data, wearables like Whoop, Oura, Garmin, or Fitbit adds an extra layer of insight. These devices offer valuable metrics such as sleep quality and heart rate variability (HRV), allowing you to fine-tune your readiness level with precision.

Ultimately, the best gauge of readiness is how you feel. While wearables offer valuable data, always trust your intuition and physical sensations. Strive for alignment between your own assessment and the Readiness for optimal training decisions.

We’re eager to hear how the Readiness feature transforms your cycling experience. Try out the Readiness feature and let us know how it improves your ride.