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Welcome to Join Cycling! Were are happy that you found us through the Instagram channels of Join Cycling and the “Beter Worden” (“Improve”) Podcasts. On this page ‘Instagram link overview’ we are displaying a selection of our most popular pages for you. In this way you can find even more easily what you are interested in. Is your wish not listed? Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you!

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Start to improve!

We offer you a flexible and adaptive training plan designed by Dutch World Tour level cycling coaches. JOIN suggests you the best possible workouts to reach your goal and will show you your progress.

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Beter Worden Podcast

For now this series of podcasts are in Dutch only. Each episode discusses a particular element of cycling training with Jim van den Berg, a sports scientist and founder of the cycling training app and his partners in crime, former pro-cyclist Laurens ten Dam and Stefan Bolt, both from Live Slow Ride Fast.

JOIN Cycling YouTube

Are you a real cycling content junkie? Then go checkout the JOIN Cycling YouTube channel and subscribe to explainer videos, cycling tips, user stories and inspiring cycling adventures.

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The workouts are designed for a specific purpose and are automatically adjusted to your abilities by entering threshold HR or FTP. By incorporating the workouts based on the polarized model into your trainingplan, your progress will significantly improve.

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The best events

There’s nothing as enjoyable as doing your workouts for a challenging goal like a cyclo, or Gran Fondo. By following your JOIN Cycling training plan with purpose, you can appear at the start of your challenge in the best possible way. Select your goal, and JOIN ensures that with the flexible training plan, you’re always training efficiently!

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On a weekly base we provide you on a weekly basis with valuable articles to improve your knowledge aboit traing and cycling, gravel riding, and mountain biking through the online platform Substack. Easy to read and to apply with your cycling experience and training plan.!

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Need help?

Through our support, we are happy to help you. With our FAQs, we already have an overview of the most frequently asked questions. Is your answer not included? Send an email to support and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Tips & Tricks

In our extensive database of cycling tips, we provide you with the best tips, more background information, and shortcuts to get more out of your cycling experience and performance. So if you are looking for more depth, this is the overview page full of valuable articles that you definitely should visit.

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Core stability exercises

You can’t fire a cannon from a canoe. This is the most fitting metaphor to describe why core stability is so important in cycling. We would like to briefly explain again why every cyclist should include core stability in their daily routine and what the best practices are.

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We offer you a flexible and adaptive training plan, designed by Dutch World Tour level cycling coaches. Select a cycling event from our extensive database or create your own cycling goal. JOIN suggests the best possible workouts to reach your goal and will show you your progress.

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